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Gen2Lingo is an AI solution developed for the EdTech sector that simulates communication with a tutor and recreates foreign language practice space. We created Gen2Lingo because we wanted to practice communication in different languages more while learning it.


For Business

  • Attracting and retaining customers in the innovation launch process
  • Lead generation, customer reactivation, marketing campaigns
  • Competitive advantage (AI powered).

For Students

  • Handy pocket-sized AI tutor 24/7
  • Simulate any living space to practice speaking and writing
  • Self-practice the IELTS speaking test, job interview and everyday conversations in different languages.
key features

How it works?

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Languages for practice

Firstly users can choose their Native language, in which Gen2Lingo will communicate with them regarding translation of sentences, errors correction and proposal of a simulation. Then you can choose language for practice: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Spanish, Ukrainian, Russian, Persian, Hindu etc
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CEFR  Level Selection

Before using Gen2Lingo, a student can select a relevant language level or take a test on which the AI will determine the level according to the CEFR - the internationally recognized standard for describing foreign language proficiency levels:
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Customizable topics

Choose from a wide range of customizable topics that interest you, or create your own scene by choosing a theme and a conversation partner.
Human Feedback learning

Speech correctness

Get instant feedback on grammar and vocabulary as you practice speaking.
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Self-practice the IELTS test

The IELTS Speaking & Writing Test Simulator instantly generates a BAND score and complete performance report. Our cutting-edge deep learning algorithms were trained using thousands of simulated IELTS speaking tests.
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Simulation visualization

Gen2Lingo solution supports visual representations to enhance language learning. It involves creating virtual environments or scenarios where learners can practice and apply their language skills in realistic settings.
going deeper

Additional features


Gen2Lingo educational program is designed to meet the individual preferences of each user. Choose courses that are relevant to you.

Progress tracking

Gen2Lingo involves assessing various language skills, such as speaking, listening, reading, and writing, and tracking how a learner's abilities improve or change throughout the course of their language learning journey. 


The process of assessing and evaluating the assignments and tasks that students complete using Gen2Lingo. These assignments are designed to reinforce and extend the language skills and concepts taught in class.
genuine feedback

"Learning a new language has never been so exciting. I can choose my own topic of interest for language practice, and Gent2Lingo can adjust to my language level. It allows me to practice my language skills wherever I go."

Anna Pak
Student, Barcelona University

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